Florida Friends of Portmagee Whiskey

Florida Friends of Portmagee Whiskey

We deliberately chose Florida for the launch of Portmagee Whiskey into the US market because of the close historic links between the 18th century exploits of Jacobean Smuggler Captain Theobald Macghee who founded our village and his trans Atlantic exploits and adventures between, Portmagee, Lisbon, the Canaries and Azores and Barbados up to Florida and  America’s Caribbean Coast.

This is also why Portmagee Whiskey is  the true “Spirit of the Sea”.

Captain Theobald Macghee of Portmagee Atlantic Smuggling Voyages. Portmagee Whiskey

The Atlantic Ocean of Captain Theobald Macghee in 1703

We are delighted to have made so many new friends from the Florida Whiskey and Boating Communities in recent weeks and months through our Whiskey Pairing Dinner events in Fort Lauderdale at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

If you would like to hear about future Portmagee Whiskey tasting events in Florida, please join our Florida Friends mailing list below.

If you would like to buy a glass of Portmagee Whiskey at a bar or a bottle of Portmagee whiskey to take home, Check out our Florida stockist and distributor map below. We’ll keep it updated as new partners join our team.

And of course, if you ever visit us in person in Portmagee, do let us know in advance and we”  lay on a special Sunshine State welcome for you!

Sláinte! from Stuart, James and John

Portmagee Whiskey Team Stuart McNamara James Murphy John Murphy

Portmagee Whiskey Stockists and Distributers in Florida

New Suppliers – Please let us know if we have not yet listed you and  you would like to be included on this map.

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