Portmagee Whiskey is a registered Origin Green member as part of the Bord Bia Sustainability Charter Programme.


Sustainability Approach:

We will ensure that all our suppliers are working with the Origin Green program in ensuring that they are working towards sustainability in their processes and products.

As our company grows and develops the ability to produce our whiskey in house, we will ensure that our processes and products are developed in an environmentally conscious manner also.

We have selected ten specific sustainability targets to reach by the end of 2022 which are as follows;


Our Sustainability Targets:

Raw Material Sourcing:

  • Commitment to source 90% of our raw materials from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2020.
  • Commitment to source 25% of our raw materials from local farmers in South Kerry area and develop these suppliers to achieve recognised sustainability certifications by 2022.


  • Development of solar PV energy source for Portmagee Whiskey experience.


  • Development of rainwater collection system to meet Portmagee Whiskey experience requirements.


  • Waste prevention planning for Portmagee Whiskey experience to remove and prevent wasteful habits and procedures even beginning.


  • Development of river woodland walk in Portmagee.
  • Development of an eco-friendly bee colony and pollinator habitats in Portmagee.

Community Engagement:

  • Ensure that employees receive complimentary health and nutrition benefits as part of their employment packages.
  • Direct sponsorship of the annual Portmagee Regatta.

Health and Nutrition:

  • Raising awareness of nutritional information and responsible drinking, for the duration of the plan.

Sustainability Ambitions:

In a more general sense Portmagee Whiskey wishes to pursue a constant engagement with sustainable methods and practices beyond the time line of the present Origin Green plan and these include many of the following concepts;

  • Source raw materials to produce whiskey from organically grown crops by local farmers.
  • Promote an active tree planting regime in order to replenish what has been cut down in the production of the casks.
  • Develop an energy efficient distillery and whiskey experience using the principles of passive building design whilst simultaneously maximising the use of new technology to streamline processes and reducing wastage.
  • Ensure the maximum amount of viable renewable energy is captured through the use of PV, water, wind and further clean energy technologies.
  • Design a rain water capture system as part of a future distillery.
  • Source and pipe a clean new well as a water source and ensure maximum efficiencies of system design limit unnecessary water wastage.
  • Implement a smart metering system for electricity, water and other energy sources is implemented and incorporated with a building management system for the future distillery and whiskey experience.